Monday, August 19, 2013

Reader Input 4: Why are they So Alike?

This can't be natural. Misty was nice, she had a pretty original personality. She was kind and considerate, and cared more for her Togepi than she dealt with Ash. However, when May replaced Misty, it was a little weird. People were comparing the two, and they decided the ridiculous similarities were coincidental, I mean May had a brother. Woah. Twist. Then, Sinnoh come in and replaced May with Dawn. That's when people came across a revoloutionary idea, "oh my gosh, these people are exactly the same!" Throughout the games and anime AND manga AND spin-offs, there have been fishers(always guys, wear the same clothes, somehow stop their rod in mid-air for a pose),hikers(fat, geodude loving morons who enjoy the smell of dirt)twins(annoying, bratty little girls with horrible pokemon who sit next to each other all the time), and now THIS! Iris may be totally different now, but wait until Ash has been around her for a while longer, she'll be another Misty with a different hair-do. I can't blame Nintendo for not putting in every little detail, but come on. Maybe a change in color or something. Or is there a method to the madness? What do you think? Why are they so alike?

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