Monday, December 22, 2014

I've Been Gone a While: Dusknoir

I know, being considered weaker than your
pre-evolution IS quite embarrassing
     So, instead of me droning on about how I should have taken more time working on this blog, I'll just start on my next article. 
     Dusknoir is kind of a sad case. He was the cream of the crop for a generation, until Dusclops, his pre-evolution, gained the eviolite. The eviolite, as most pros know, is a dangerous item that boosts the defenses of pokemon that are NFE(not fully evolved). Now people consider Dusclops the better option because his defensive stats outdo Dusknoir's. That's pathetic. However, I don't agree. With better offensive stats as well as a more than useable defense/sp.defense, Dusknoir is, I believe more capable of battle than his predecessor
     Moveset: Thunder Punch/Ice Punch/Fire Punch, Toxic/Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Punch, Payback
     This moveset uses Dusknoir's high health and defenses as a means of offensive punishment, as well as using him as a tank. Choosing a typed punching move is essential, it gives almost any pokemon a surprise they didn't ask for, but choose wisely. I like ThunderPunch, because it keeps me from being annoyed by Water types, which have the ice type moves used to kill my Dragonite, because Ice type Pokemon are incredibly frail and not  used often because of said frailty. Anyways, Toxic is a good move for Pokemon who love to stall, but Will-O-Wisp is more painful and drops the attack stat of the victim in lieu of Toxic's 95% accuracy.  Shadow Punch is an STAB move and it never misses and Payback is a nice move for any slowpoke heavy hitters. 
     Counters: Umbreon, Bastiodon, Aggron, Shuckle, Steelix, Probopass, Gengar,Mismagius
     Any pokemon that is a defensive wall can handle Dusknoir. Despite his scary appearance, he isn't exactly an immovable object, thus the only reason he's considered of no use compared to Dusclops. I would especially suggest my favorite eeveelution, Umbreon, because of its bulk, but also because its speed stat can help shut down Dusknoir before he can destroy any Psychic types. Also avoid heavy hitting, yet speedy Ghost types, like Gengar and the less common, but more threatening in my opinion, Mismagius.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

     I'm not a go places person. I'm telling you right now, I don't do stuff without at least an ounce of reluctance. I know some people are social, but those people aren't usually my friends. So I missed a lot of blog time because I have spent too much time being forced from one grandparent's to another's to a camp. I'm not saying it wasn't great being there, but doing it all in a squashed schedule sure didn't make me feel like I was allowed to breathe.  This is my written excuse, essentially. I have problems with organization, so don't expect me to keep up like I'm OCD or just normally keep up. I'm not fast on recovery.
     Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire. Remakes? I have absolutely no idea. I'm not really very interested, I didn't jump on the Heartgold/Soulsilver train either, so remakes aren't really my thing. It's just like rereading a book, unless I've forgotten what happens, the book isn't interesting the second time around. Also, I'm hoping trainer customization stays, because I don't really like the head sucking squid on the male trainer's head.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


     Furfrou is not only adorable. Not only has he got a serious  "I'm going to kill you" look on no matter what trim he's flaunting. He's also battle material.
     OK, I'll admit I'm using Pokemon from my Y team for my reviews, but there's no prejudice here on that. I love my Furfrou, but I would've gotten rid of him if he sucked, I'm not like Ash, who keeps his Pikachu with him everywhere, because Pikachu's actually really bad. Besides, that means I've used them successfully :)
     Moves: Headbutt, Cotton Guard, Dig/Thunder Wave, Sucker Punch
     Furfrou, like Slurpuff, needs super training, not as much as Slurpuff, but he needs it nonetheless. Base him in attack and speed, especially speed. Headbutt is an STAB flincher, and it's very helpful. Next is Cotton Guard. Cotton Guard? "But Tyler", you say," what about Furfrou's ability that magically takes all the pain away from physical moves? He doesn't need bulk!" Oh really? His base defense stat on Bulbapedia is 60. 60. Fur Coat may seem good, but the only thing that can make a fur coat look good is Macklemore. If a Garchomp or a Hydreigon or even a Greninja had this ability, we'd be all set, but instead we've got this thing who barely limps along without it. Cotton Guard buffs him to supreme safety except when it comes to Focus Blast (flippin' Gardevoir), so yes, he does need it. Dig is really random, but it actually fits, removing the type known only as Steel, allowing fairies to dance in peace, knowing no giant iron worms or metal birds are going to poop on their parade(basically, it's a fairy type set-up). If you are still one of those people who decide to hate on Fairy types because they're 'girly' or 'weak', then you can: a.use Thunder Wave to halt physical attackers b.realize Fairy types will kick your butt one day c.get a Poison or Steel type before you get torn to shreds by Sylveon. Finally, we have Sucker Punch. Furfrou's only way to remove Ghost, unless you decide to change one of his vital moves into Odor Sleuth. Sucker Punch only works on defensively incapable Pokemon like Gengar or Banette, but it ususally works wonders.
     Counters:Most Psychic Types
     I would say all Psychic types, but there are some weird ones out there, like Gallade, who couldn't in a million years use Focus Blast effectively. Pokemon like Alakazam, Musharna and Gardevoir ]:< (really hated champion's Gardevoir) can toss out Furfrou like last weeks garbage by using Focus Blast, but it's not worth dropping Cotton Guard.

Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm Back! Slurpuff

     I've decided to do articles for this blog on Saturdays starting next week, hopefully.

     OK. Pokemon X and Y are pretty good. I still like Black and White the best, but these are good. When I saw Fairy type, though, the first thing I noticed was, "What the heck, Jigglypuff can beat Salamence." But then I saw Slurpuff. I know, I know, it looks awful, but I'm a sucker for cute Pokemon and this one fit the bill. So I tried it. By itself it's an icing covered mess. You can do nothing with it. Enter: Super Training. Holy crap. You can do anything with this sticky, confusing, edible monster. It's impossible to predict and it can learn lots of TM's. 
Moveset: Draining Kiss, Fake Tears, Cotton Guard, Dazzling Gleam
     I clearly went down the Sp.ATK path because I noticed Slurpuff was slightly more solid in that stat than any other. Always start with either Cotton Guard or Fake Tears, Cotton Guard for defending yourself from Steel and Poison or Fake Tears for setting up your primary target. Draining Kiss is for after Fake Tears just to test the waters and to ensure your health. Dazzling Gleam is for after you've confirmed you can use Fairy type moves effectively. 
     Counters: Lucario, Swalot, Other Sp.Attacking Poison Types
OK, notice how Slurpuff has no non-fairy type attacks? That's because he needs the STAB. He can't do much else. Lucario with Flash Cannon evades Cotton Guard and Sludge Bomb can do the same. However, most should be strong enough to withdraw before you lose your light, candy friend.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just So You Know

     I've been doing other stuff recently, but I'm back with a copy of Pokemon Y! YESSSSSSSS!!! I'll be doing a review maybe this month, but I have a science project to do and Amazon is shipping my Kingdom Hearts I and II on Wednesday, so I'll be a little busy geeking out. But lucky for me, Smogon hasn't posted their Pokemon reviews for X and Y. If anyone has any new pokemon for me to look at, suggest it by commenting please. See ya :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Pokejump's Twenty First Post!

     This is officially the one after twentieth post. I am super psyched. Not really. Honestly, I feel like passing out. However, due to my dedication to this blog,sort of, I'm still doing this. I stink at planning things out, but these are the Pokemon I plan on redeeming: Macargo, Vileplume, Clefable, Sawsbuck, Ambipom, and one of my favorite pokemon, SCRAFTY, the greatest fighting type evah!
     P.S. If anyone would like to help me with the Pokejump, give your email adress, I'll let you do one post, and see how it goes :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Reason to be Ashamed

     I love to go on Wi-Fi and battle worthy opponents. I do. I love finding people who can outclass me, and smiling because I just had a battle where I didn't just squish everything in sight, where it was actually challenging.  However, I don't appreciate it when I find people who don't have a starter, instead they have a team of nothing but Lv.100 legendaries. I use a Lickilicky. OK, how well do you think two equal leveled Pokemon would do if one was Lickilicky and the other was a Mewtwo? It isn't fair to me, it isn't fair to your poor, weak, innocent little starter, it isn't fair to any trainers who are just starting their post-elite four experience, it's not fair. It's all because you and your stupid, corny, overrated legendaries. If you really were a good trainer, you'd catch the legendaries for fun and use real, fair Pokemon.I don't care what Smogon says. I fully respect Smogon, and their tiers are almost entirely correct, but I just don't think legendaries are fair. It's okay if you use one or two legendaries(I use Jirachi sometimes, occasionally Victini), but c'mon. Don't just have six Rayquaza, or six Giratina, that's just sad.  If you want to get true trainer exhilaration, then use fair game. What a bunch of sour sports >:(