Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm Back! Slurpuff

     I've decided to do articles for this blog on Saturdays starting next week, hopefully.

     OK. Pokemon X and Y are pretty good. I still like Black and White the best, but these are good. When I saw Fairy type, though, the first thing I noticed was, "What the heck, Jigglypuff can beat Salamence." But then I saw Slurpuff. I know, I know, it looks awful, but I'm a sucker for cute Pokemon and this one fit the bill. So I tried it. By itself it's an icing covered mess. You can do nothing with it. Enter: Super Training. Holy crap. You can do anything with this sticky, confusing, edible monster. It's impossible to predict and it can learn lots of TM's. 
Moveset: Draining Kiss, Fake Tears, Cotton Guard, Dazzling Gleam
     I clearly went down the Sp.ATK path because I noticed Slurpuff was slightly more solid in that stat than any other. Always start with either Cotton Guard or Fake Tears, Cotton Guard for defending yourself from Steel and Poison or Fake Tears for setting up your primary target. Draining Kiss is for after Fake Tears just to test the waters and to ensure your health. Dazzling Gleam is for after you've confirmed you can use Fairy type moves effectively. 
     Counters: Lucario, Swalot, Other Sp.Attacking Poison Types
OK, notice how Slurpuff has no non-fairy type attacks? That's because he needs the STAB. He can't do much else. Lucario with Flash Cannon evades Cotton Guard and Sludge Bomb can do the same. However, most should be strong enough to withdraw before you lose your light, candy friend.

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