Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hydreigon x Haxorus
     Recently, I've been getting really uppity on the subject of the best of each type, especially on Dragon types. If it was up to me, I'd say Garchomp. However, I'm gonna' say Unova brought some interesting Dragon types onto the table. Of these Dragons, three of them are top evolutions and aren't legendary, and in order to get to the point of this post, the ones that are most feuded over are Hydreigon and Haxorus. Let's compare.
     Hydreigon: Poor Defenses/ High Sp Atk/ Mediocre Atk/ High Speed/ Mediocre Max Health

     Haxorus: Good Defenses/ Pitiful Sp Atk/ High Atk/ Mediocre Speed/ Mediocre Max Health

     Honestly, I have a Hydreigon, and I'm pretty confident he's better. However, when looking at it from an unbiased opinion, it depends what you're looking for. I like Sp Atk, and I like sweepers, so I chose Hydreigon. Him and Leavanny work well together. If you decide Atk is more your style, like my little brother, then Haxorus is for you. It's just dependent on your tastes. Even though I'd rather go for Water or Bug, which are my favorite types, Dragon is a well rounded substitute.

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  1. Hydragon would win becouse his special attack. And dragon types have special attack moves.Haxsourus has better attack then special attack.


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