Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Challenge for the Best

     I am about to issue a challenge. If you really want to do this, then I'll be ecstatic. I want to see who can use Pokemon from the main Pokejump articles(ones that talk about how a Pokemon isn't as bad as people say it is) and ones from this list, as most of these are Pokemon I plan to write about: Stunfisk, Gorebyss, Tropius, Lopunny, Torkoal, Pelipper, Parasect, Chatot, Masquerain, Dunsparce and Mawile. +1 if you plan to do the challenge:)


Mr.Mime.The ultimate creeper. The messed up clown creature. The disturbed Mr.Mime is one of the most infamous pokemon in existence.Even though I don't have a taste for Psychic types as much as I used to when I was about 9, I know enough to recognize a good one. Though Gallade, Gardevoir, Metagross, and Alakazam are the most popular and honestly the best Psychic types there are, but this thing would be in that list too if it wasn't almost as creepy as Hypno. Thanks to its pretty good special attack and mediocre speed, it can fight off annoyances like Sawk and Machamp, which are now the most reoccurring Fighting types I can find.
Moveset: Reflect/Barrier/Magical Leaf, Baton Pass, Psychic, Healing Wish/ Future Sight/Fake Out
     If you aren't one for strategy, I wouldn't bother with Mr. Mime, or honestly any Psychic types. If you aren't one for breeding, find a mediocre move to replace the Healing Wish/ Future Sight/Fake Out moves. Here, Mr. Mime is indestructible. Reflect boosts his low defense, as does Barrier, while Baton Pass in the, "in case of inevitable destruction, break glass" kind of thing, passing on stat boosters you placed on him to your Bastiodon(psh, screw giving the boost to someone who needs it). Psychic should honestly be your Mr. MIme's only attack, and if you encounter Dark types often, maybe you'd rather have Magical Leaf instead of a stat booster. That's the shining jewel of Mr. Mime. He has an enormous movepool. You can make him offensive, defensive, or just plain irritating. I may not be a fan of Psychic types, but for those of you who are, this Pokemon is a fantastic choice of partner.
Counters: Sablye, Zoroark, Gengar
     Sablye is entirely perfect against Psychic types, and Mr.Mime is no exception. Zoroark is way too fast for Mr.Mime too stop, and Gengar's acess to status inflictors heavily threaten Mr.Mime to switch out.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reader Input 5: Pass Me the Tauros

It is apparent that people eat pokemon. Unless pokemon live in co-existence with animals like cows and chickens, Professor Oak must have had Politoed legs, or EscarSlugma(spicy). Why is it that trainers try so hard to dodge the fact they probably ate a Miltank in recent years? Why do they hide it in the anime? There is tons of food in Pokemon, judging from the fact Cilan has a restaurant and Ash has meals fit for 12 every course, every day cooked by a guy who has his eyes closed ALL the time. It's referenced multiple times that there is a predator-and-prey system in Pokemon. According to most Pokedex entries, some pokemon have defenses, and in some it references what they're hiding from.For example:

Caterpie :It releases a stench from its red antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repeatedly.
Swellow: SWELLOW flies high above our heads, making graceful arcs in the sky. This POKéMON dives at a steep angle as soon as it spots its prey. The hapless prey is tightly grasped by SWELLOW’s clawed feet, preventing escape
Remoraid:Using its dorsal fin as a suction pad, it clings to a MANTINE’s underside to scavenge for leftovers.

A Story in the Canalve City Library 1

Pick clean the bones of Pokémoncaught in the sea or stream.Thank them for the meals theyprovide, and pick their bones clean.When the bones are as clean as canbe, set them free in the water fromwhich they came.The Pokémon will return, fullyfleshed, and it begins anew.

There have been multiple references of pokemon eating each other, and us eating them, so why does Nintendo button their lip about it? Why don't they just say it? I'm sure the targeted audience would understand. Is there a reason this secret is so well hidden? We know people and pokemon are together for multiple purposes, so why is it weird that some aren't treated like pets? Why does Nintendo keep this under wraps? What do you think?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Reader Input 4: Why are they So Alike?

This can't be natural. Misty was nice, she had a pretty original personality. She was kind and considerate, and cared more for her Togepi than she dealt with Ash. However, when May replaced Misty, it was a little weird. People were comparing the two, and they decided the ridiculous similarities were coincidental, I mean May had a brother. Woah. Twist. Then, Sinnoh come in and replaced May with Dawn. That's when people came across a revoloutionary idea, "oh my gosh, these people are exactly the same!" Throughout the games and anime AND manga AND spin-offs, there have been fishers(always guys, wear the same clothes, somehow stop their rod in mid-air for a pose),hikers(fat, geodude loving morons who enjoy the smell of dirt)twins(annoying, bratty little girls with horrible pokemon who sit next to each other all the time), and now THIS! Iris may be totally different now, but wait until Ash has been around her for a while longer, she'll be another Misty with a different hair-do. I can't blame Nintendo for not putting in every little detail, but come on. Maybe a change in color or something. Or is there a method to the madness? What do you think? Why are they so alike?

Reader Input 3: Professors Don't Know the Facts

Professors can't be very smart. They send a boy/girl they hardly know, along with an ignoramus you could name Bacon and he/she wouldn't notice. If professors went on their own journey, we wouldn't have so many annoying hobos with Magikarps calling us weak.We wouldn't have so many annoying Team Rocket goons taunting us. Why is it the professors never go on their own journey? They decided to study pokemon, but they need you to fill out a Pokedex, which should've been filled out already, seeing they flippin' study pokemon. Is there a reason they stay in their lab like shut-ins? Is there something keeping him/her there? Is he/she avoiding weirdoes like Ash because he/she is probably one of the only sane people in pokemon? What do you think?

Reader Input 2: Arceus Isn't That Great

     Ok, this is a fun series, so I'm gonna shoot off a couple more quickly, just because I feel like it. I'm a little jumpy today any way(sorry, poor site reference).
     If there was one pokemon that created the universe, Arceus, how come there are so many legendaries? Why would he give enough power to a pokemon that most legendaries, like Giratina or Dialga, could probably destroy him? He gives responsibility to pokemon like Palkia, Mespirit, and Cobalion to look over what he made? Is that normal? I mean, if I was the creator of EVERYTHING, I would probably look like I did something rather than, "there I made time, Dialga, make sure someone doesn't leave it screwed". Why would you do that? There are so many pokemon that have better looks, better stats, cooler abilities, why did he make it to where he wasn't boss? Victini is cuter, Mewtwo is stronger, Azelf is smarter, what the heck?What do you think?

Reader's Input 1: How No One Ages in Pokemon

     This is the beginning of a new series of posts I'm doing while stalling for time on what Pokemon to do next. I really feel sad no one comments, so I'm seeing if the internet is muted or something by asking you, the readers, of your opinion.This is to see your theories, not mine.
     So, why is it no one seems to age? Or, in fact, why does no one die in the world of Pokemon? Ash Ketchum has been ten for longer than he should be, and he looks no different than he did four or five years ago, if he's not younger, he's the same. Pokemon are said to die, but no trainer has ever witnessed the death of a pokemon. If pokemon can die, why can't Misty? Or why is it that people like Team Rocket goons Jessie and James are so terrified of someone who can't do anything too scary to them because there is no concept of death? What goes on that makes it this way? Did Dialga just decide to stop aging people for the fun of it? Could Ash honestly be immortal, and it just seems that everyone around him ages slowly or nicely?                                                                   What do you think? 

Saturday, August 17, 2013


     Electrode is one of those pokemon where you say "hey, I don't know why the Pokejump has decided to defend this guy, I like Electrode" Well, that's a fill-in the blank statement. I love_________(fill in underestimated pokemon here) Why is ________(rival's name here) trashing __________(fill in underestimated pokemon here). Well, when you have so many overconfident jerks saying he's just a pokeball with a face, The Pokejump has to step in and/or step on. Now, Electrode isn't exactly someone you should love on from day 1. He is a pitiful defender, and his special attack is mediocre at best, but with his suberb speed, he can do a good number on your snooty rival.
     Moveset: Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Explosion/Mirror Coat, Magnet Rise
Electrode may be pretty weak, but he's fast. Speed is the redemption for most, and Electrode is no exception. Being ridiculously speedy, Electro Ball does hefty damage, as it's based on how fast Electrode is compared to the opponent Thunderbolt is for anyone who's also quick, as quick usually means low defenses.  Because of the lack of defenses, Magnet Rise protects Electrode from threats such as Gigalith and Dugtrio.
     Counters: Any Ground Type
Electrode has a kinda' shallow movepool, and if you do what I put up, which is your best shot, Pokemon that have Earthquake or especially Bulldoze to lower speed are very dangerous. You can't attack, and with Magnet Rise, they can't either. Withdrawing would be your only option.


     I am so confused. People have been +1ing my More Than a Rival, but I don't know the purpose of it, as there's nothing exciting about it. If your doing it because you want to help me with the Pokejump, fine, but it'll be much harder for me to do this. +1 this if you want to be part of The Pokejump and I'll let you try a post. But I need E-mail.Please I promise I'm not a twisted psycho hacker. Unless you want me to be, though honestly I don't have the skills to mess up your computer.

Friday, August 16, 2013

More than a Rival

     I need people who can be protective of Pokemon as much as I am. If you want to help me protect the innocent souls with pitiful reps, comment your email and I'll review your first post. If I like it, then I'll start allowing you to post on the blog as long as you like.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pokemon Trash Version

     Some pokemon just aren't salvageable. They're bad, and there isn't anyone who can say that they aren't. Some may be defended by those who truly believe they aren't bad, but THEY ARE. They suck. Sorry. If a game only had the starters Chikorita, Chimchar, and Squirtle. Those are the worst starters. Then, you could catch Sentret, Pachirisu, Sunkern, Luvdisc, Alomomala, Unown, and the worst legendary ever, Manaphy. Manaphy is horrible.That wouldn't sell, right? Or would it be bought so you can laugh at it? We pokemon fans know there will come a day where Nintendo will resort to putting eyeballs on potted plants. If they wish to stall this inevitable fate, the company must let its fans help. Kirby was dying, and then Nintendo let fans make powers for the TV show, and later Return to Dream Land took two fan-made powers for the game. It just makes sense that Nintendo gives in to fan-made genius. It isn't fair to tune out intelligent ideas because you can't swallow your pride and ask for 'em.