Monday, December 22, 2014

I've Been Gone a While: Dusknoir

I know, being considered weaker than your
pre-evolution IS quite embarrassing
     So, instead of me droning on about how I should have taken more time working on this blog, I'll just start on my next article. 
     Dusknoir is kind of a sad case. He was the cream of the crop for a generation, until Dusclops, his pre-evolution, gained the eviolite. The eviolite, as most pros know, is a dangerous item that boosts the defenses of pokemon that are NFE(not fully evolved). Now people consider Dusclops the better option because his defensive stats outdo Dusknoir's. That's pathetic. However, I don't agree. With better offensive stats as well as a more than useable defense/sp.defense, Dusknoir is, I believe more capable of battle than his predecessor
     Moveset: Thunder Punch/Ice Punch/Fire Punch, Toxic/Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Punch, Payback
     This moveset uses Dusknoir's high health and defenses as a means of offensive punishment, as well as using him as a tank. Choosing a typed punching move is essential, it gives almost any pokemon a surprise they didn't ask for, but choose wisely. I like ThunderPunch, because it keeps me from being annoyed by Water types, which have the ice type moves used to kill my Dragonite, because Ice type Pokemon are incredibly frail and not  used often because of said frailty. Anyways, Toxic is a good move for Pokemon who love to stall, but Will-O-Wisp is more painful and drops the attack stat of the victim in lieu of Toxic's 95% accuracy.  Shadow Punch is an STAB move and it never misses and Payback is a nice move for any slowpoke heavy hitters. 
     Counters: Umbreon, Bastiodon, Aggron, Shuckle, Steelix, Probopass, Gengar,Mismagius
     Any pokemon that is a defensive wall can handle Dusknoir. Despite his scary appearance, he isn't exactly an immovable object, thus the only reason he's considered of no use compared to Dusclops. I would especially suggest my favorite eeveelution, Umbreon, because of its bulk, but also because its speed stat can help shut down Dusknoir before he can destroy any Psychic types. Also avoid heavy hitting, yet speedy Ghost types, like Gengar and the less common, but more threatening in my opinion, Mismagius.

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