Monday, September 23, 2013

A Reason to be Ashamed

     I love to go on Wi-Fi and battle worthy opponents. I do. I love finding people who can outclass me, and smiling because I just had a battle where I didn't just squish everything in sight, where it was actually challenging.  However, I don't appreciate it when I find people who don't have a starter, instead they have a team of nothing but Lv.100 legendaries. I use a Lickilicky. OK, how well do you think two equal leveled Pokemon would do if one was Lickilicky and the other was a Mewtwo? It isn't fair to me, it isn't fair to your poor, weak, innocent little starter, it isn't fair to any trainers who are just starting their post-elite four experience, it's not fair. It's all because you and your stupid, corny, overrated legendaries. If you really were a good trainer, you'd catch the legendaries for fun and use real, fair Pokemon.I don't care what Smogon says. I fully respect Smogon, and their tiers are almost entirely correct, but I just don't think legendaries are fair. It's okay if you use one or two legendaries(I use Jirachi sometimes, occasionally Victini), but c'mon. Don't just have six Rayquaza, or six Giratina, that's just sad.  If you want to get true trainer exhilaration, then use fair game. What a bunch of sour sports >:(

Friday, September 20, 2013


Why exactly do people diss Torkoal? I know that people are always saying,"Pokemon without an evoloution are laaaaame," but I happen to like Skarmory, Farfetch'd, Girafarig, and especially Torkoal. I love Torkoal. If everyone cared enough about him, then they'd know he has access to one of the greatest boosting moves in all of pokemon. SHELL SMASH!!! This move lowers his fantastic defenses by one stage, and boosts his speed,Sp.Atk, and Atk attack two stages! That patches up his bad speed and gets his good Sp.Atk  to a fantastic level(and just imagine what would happen if you used it twice)
Moveset: Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Rock Slide/Will-O-Wisp/Bulldoze,Shell Smash
     This set is perfect. Torkoal needs to protect himself, but his speed is more important when he has such good defenses already, and he gets extra special and physical ATK. If you like status inflicting, I would choose Will-O-Wisp, protecting yourself from Rock types, choose Bulldoze, just want to do damage, choose Rock Slide.
     Torkoal is a fantastic Pokemon, honestly, I shouldn't have to tell people that. He's a great wall, a fantastic sweeper with shell smash, and a choice superior compared to the poor defenses of most fire types(I did this for my Torkoal, Tina)
     Counters: Samurott, Claydol, Quagsire, Vaporeon
Any pokemon who has Haze can destroy Torkoal. Without Shell Smash, this sad sack couldn't outspeed a Macargo going uphill. Therefore, even though Sp.Def is its lowest stat, Haze makes it worse. That means Vaporeon may be the best choice to make to destroy these things. Claydol could probably kill it in one hit with Earth Power, Sammurott could destroy with Surf, and Quagsire could use either Water or Ground to remove this threat.