Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I don't think anyone truly recognizes that the pink master of meditation is actually a perfect Pokemon for balance. It's Psychic typing makes it able to endure Psychic,Dark, and Bug, leaving it weak to only Flying and Ghost.With its good typing and its perfect balance of stats, though it honestly is leaning towards ATK, it can become the ultimate weapon to anyone who uses it correctly.
Moveset: Hi Jump Kick,Psycho Cut/Brick Break/Mind Reader/Flame Charge
Now, I know what you're thinking,one of these things is not like the other, but flame charge works just fine. It boosts speed in case you need to dispose of a sweeper.It gets rid of common irritations like Whimsicott and our wonderful mascot Jumpluff as well.. Mind Reader is for hitting evasive targets with Hi Jump Kick, while Brick Break/Psycho Cut is for back-up. Hi Jump Kick is the pinnacle of all Fighting type moves. You can't have a Pokemon that learns Hi Jump Kick and not keep it.
Counters:Ghost types
Medicham has no way of defending itself from Ghost types. No STAB, and no fighting type attacks , that kinda' leaves a Medicham as a sitting duck